Coming Soon

To retain some consistency, I created a calendar of sorts to plan upcoming posts. Each week will have a specific focus, but that specific focus will reflect what is popular or new around that time.

Of course, any of these are subject to change. I can’t promise everything.


  • Week 1 (20th-26th): Miyazaki Week
  • Week 2 (27th-2nd): Halloween Week


  • Week 3 (3rd-9th): Ender’s Game release/Sci-fi focus and Orson Scott Card Week.
  • Week 4 (10th-16th): Thor: The Dark World release/Comic book focus in movies, video games, and TV
  • Week 5 (17th-23rd): Internet-based media/The art of webcomics, podcasts, and vlogs
  • Week 6 (24th-30th): Doctor Who 50th Anniversary release/Classic Sci-fi focus


  • Week 7 (1st-7th): del Toro Week
  • Week 8 (8th-14th): The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug release/Fantasy focus

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