50th Anniversary Shenanigans


It’s what every Whovian has been waiting for since it was announced last year. Slowly, they’ve teased us with pictures and videos, and dodgey answers from the actors. But, it finally came, phasers set for stun, and was broadcast all over the world for fans to enjoy on TV and in cinema. And I can honestly say that the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary did not disappoint.

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And then there’s Welcome to Night Vale


More often than not, we’ve all heard a podcast, or of a podcast. Maybe it was This American Life, or TED Talks, or the Nerdist. There are hundreds of them out there, and they’re becoming more popular by the day. They discuss a range of topics, including science, culture, music, art, odd news, normal news and more.

And then there’s Welcome to Night Vale.

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Top 10: Comic Renditions in Media

Batman Begins 3

The superhero movie has become a genre of its own, and it has become even more apparent with the recent release of Thor: The Dark World. The world of comics is vast, and with each year we find new versions of old icons being released. This is my top 10 list of new renditions of classic comic book stories, chracters, and franchises in all media, not just movies. Continue reading